Twitter redux

  • Cory Doctorow on the coming battle against general
    (eminently lucid, as always. Compare to Brad Feld below, same argument, with additions)
  • Epicure on the finance industry – a necessary service, like garbagemen
    (“The nature of investment banking—and, dare I say it, management consulting, too—is not one that demands deep thinkers, brilliantly inventive innovators, or even virtuoso synthesizers of disparate intellectual strands. We want smart, fun, dedicated, aggressive youngsters who can work like animals, day-in, day-out, for as long as it takes. As you can tell, this is not a particularly nuanced or diverse set of criteria”)
  • Great: How Maskelyne hacked Marconi’s radio – in (via
  • Brad Feld puts #SOPA in context:… 
    (compare to Cory Doctorow above – Brad uses airlines as example, Cory wheels. Both metaphors work.)
  • Eric Raymond on flavors of anti-intellectualism:
  • O’Reilly on changes in publishing. Excellent Wish Norwegian publishers would read and act.
  • Good product: Logitech wireless earphones
    (an example of how excellent customer service can make up for a weakness in an otherwise excellent product.)
  • Excellent article by James Fallows: Hacked! What to do not to lose years of email.
    (Backup, backup, backup. Unless you know Eric Schmidt.)