Monthly Archives: June 2007

Airline overview

The Economist has a survey article on airline travel – not much new, and it goes into details less than what I would expect from such an august publication, but still a useful and updated overview of an interesting industry. Also an interview with Paul Markillie, the author of the article, who offers this quote:

In the airline industry, change is happening, but it’s very slow. The result is you have an industry that brought the world globalisation, but has been unable itself to globalise.

Consensus hallucination of DRM

Cory Doctorow does a great speech (at his usual motormouth speed – and he doesn’t even drink coffee) at Google. My favotite line, by far:

”Making DRM just legitimizes this consensus hallucination about the copy-proof bit”

Aaaahhh, if only more presentations and debates were conducted at this level of engagement and lucidity.