Good product: Logitech wireless earphones

I spend a lot of time on teleconferences and giving presentations via the Internet. I have tried a number of headphones and microphone setups. Most of them are good, but the last four months I have used a Logitech wireless earphone system (Logitech Wireless Headset H760 With Behind-the-head Design (981-000265)). These headphones have quickly become my favorite. They are comfortable to wear, and the battery lasts three-four hours (you can use the headset while it is charging, with a standard USB cable). The sound is decent and the microphone is good enough to use for online presentations and for automatic dictation. I am actually using them now, for this blog post, using DragonDictate 11.

One of the reasons I like them is, of course, that I can wander around the kitchen or my office while dictating or presenting online. Another is the very intuitive user interface: If you want to mute the microphone, all you have to do is turn the microphone boom to an upright position. This is a very natural movement, and you are never in doubt about whether your microphone is muted or not.

I actually have two of these headphones. The first one I got four months ago. Unfortunately, since I have a large hat size (and they are a little bit on the delicate side) the headset broke – it cracked along the slide that goes behind the ears. I needed to use the headphones right away, so I take them and started using them, and then forgot about them. Eventually the crack widened and I had to call Logitech customer service, who promptly sent me a new pair which I am using now. The customer service call was quick and painless, and the Amazon employee I first communicated with assured me that my problem would be fixed promptly. Which it was, making Logitech customer service another reason to recommend this product.