Twitter redux

  • “The reliance on correlations has entered an age of diminishing returns.” Excellent in Wired: by Jonah Lehrer
    All the easy causal relations have been found – and we now have to pay attention to the second and third interactions. New methods are needed – though Lehrer does not propose anything to do in this otherwise excellent essay.
  • From 2010, but current and extremely well-written: The end of
    I have three daughters and should welcome this development, but it feels a bit weird. Made me think about an experience a few years back: With a few other parents, I helped the teacher of a 10-grade class arrange a half-day at a climbing center in downtown Oslo. I was the only male adult there. The girls in the class all participated in climbing the walls, with different levels of skill and stamina. The boys, however, all huddled in a corner, not willing to do any climbing. I tried to challenge them, literally speaking, by asking them if they were afraid – a challenge no boy that age would have refused in my time. Instead, they just ignored it and continued to sulk…
  • Nick Carr on ebooks: Likes the speed but afraid the marketers will retroactively alter content.
  • Anti-theft car seat that recognizes your butt…
    Should be a good reason to keep the slim line – eat too much and your car won’t recognize you.
  • Hugh MacLeod nails it: “Facebook is the new suburbia”
  • Proposed new calendar would mean stable date/weekdays, no annual scheduling dance… I would just love to have my courses and other things the same day every year.
  • HP Photon looks like just the thing for your living room banquet hall.