Monthly Archives: February 2004

Interesting times? (or, the political correctness of scientist superstition)

I am about 3/4 through Eric Hobsbawm’s autobiography Interesting times (Amazon, Google search.) I picked this up at Heathrow airport on a lark (buying almost random books leads to unexpected discoveries.) Hobsbawm is a highly respected and famous historian – respected for his books, famous for remaining a Marxist to the bitter end.
The book makes me a bit uneasy. One one hand, it makes me want to buy some of his books – notably The Age of Extremes (Amazon), a history of the years 1914 to 1991, which I haven’t read yet and look forward to. On the other hand, something about Robsbawm’s recollections disturbs me.

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Spam again…

I have been away from home and email – currently sitting in the airline lounge at DŁsseldorf airport, using a wireless network service provided by Vodaphone, which occasionally drops. This is rather irritating – there are 461 messages waiting, and if the network connection drops before the download is finished, I have to wait for 10 minutes before the mailbox will release the session and allow me to reconnect.
Spam is currently killing email as a useful tool for business communication, which is, I suppose, one reason for setting up this blog.

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First entry

Well, this is it, my first entry in what I hope will be a fun and useful communications medium. Though I have my personal website, the activities of Eirik Newth and other bloggers have convinced me that I definitely need this time sink into my life. Moveable Type downloading and installation worked well, no changes to the default setup yet, but that will come with time. Now, all I need to do is recruit an audience….