About Espen


I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at BI Norwegian Business School (teaching technology, strategy and innovation), have a side position at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oslo, have my own consulting company, am interested in case teaching, technology evolution and development, strategy, competition within airlines, media companies, software, transport and telecommunications (among others), have done and do some consulting in Norway and abroad, has studied, done research and worked in the USA and held courses and presentations all over the world. I support initiatives for digital privacy, am an enthusiastic Board member for two technology companies (Keystone Academic Solutions and Smarthelp.no), and write a Norwegian and an English blog, in addition to articles and op-eds for journals and newspapers. I am based in Oslo, but regularly spend time in the USA, France and China.

You will find my contact information here – but email to self@espen.com is preferred.


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