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The final countdown

The final day of the seminar, March 30 2004, featured a panel debate on the theme Where is the Internet going and what will the killer applications for retailing, banking, and customer service be?. On the panel were Susan Duggan of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center, Paul Oh of Sun Microsystems, and Philip Gordon from Haas School of Business. The discussion was led by Peder Inge Furseth from the Norwegian School of Management BI.

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A department store online

Gene Domecus, SVP/CFO at
Summary: Overview of history and strategy for an on-line part of a company that pursues a differentiated strategy, with only parts of the assortment of the regular stores available online. Good experience observations on what it takes to build a solid and popular web online store.
(notes for this posting were taken by Mats Flatland)

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Innovation management is really easy

Creating Innovation
Dr. Philip Gordon, Executive Director, Fisher Center of IT and Marketplace Transformation, Haas School of Business
UC Berkeley

March 30, 2004
Summary: Philip presented a framework of how to manage innovation – and maintained that managing innovation is, in fact, not hard.
(notes for this posting were taken by Mats Flatland)

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Exit information assymetries

The Power of Information: How the Internet destroys and creates profit opportunities
March 26, 2004
Florian Zettelmeyer, Associate Professor, Haas Marketing Group, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Summary (and conclusion): Profitability in the information age can no longer rely on customer knowing the market less well than firms do. Instead, profitability results because firms know the customer better than the market does.

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B2C, B2B, and what we learned from the dot com boom

New Perspectives on Innovation for Retailers and Banks
John Freeman, Helzel Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
March 26, 2004
Summary: This was a look-back on the dot com bubble and an analysis of what venture capitalists are looking for in a startup company as opposed to what type of innovations corporations are good at. Key remark: “Retailing is as much theatre as it is commerce.”

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