About this blog

Espen with a very blue bowtieWelcome to Applied Abstractions, which has been my blog since 2004. My name is Espen Andersen, I write about technology and strategy and books and jokes and whatever takes my fancy. Over the years (and with the rise of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn,) this blog has changed from an everyday repository of cool stuff found on the web to a place for longer and more reflective writings.

While I welcome discussion at this blog and anywhere else, I reserve the right to yank comments as I see fit. In the words of Eirik Newth: Your right of expression is not my duty of publication. This is my space, after all. That being said, trolling hasn’t been a huge problem – on the contrary, discussing with readers here is, if anything, an unmitigated joy and an excellent learning process.

You are very welcome!

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