Twitter redux

  • Good list of business articles:
    (I especially liked the article about how the next bubble is going to be in higher education – when parents see their offspring moving back home after four years at $50K each, they will start to wonder if not something else – community college first, for instance – will make more sense.)
  • Keep getting questions about a paper I wrote about “Organizations as brains” in 1992. Should have published it.
  • Woman freed from kidnapper through Facebook… FB with panic button?
  • Digitalt Personvern har passert 500,000 innsamlet! Hva med et romjulsbidrag?
  • Excellent article about the insane security…
    (This article in Vanity Fair nicely summarizes the many paradoxes of security. A few simple acts, such as locking the door to the cockpit, actively tracking luggage, and the mental change that has taken place in airline passengers (that is, that they now will attack a hijacker rather than accede to his demands) as led to a situation where we are now much more secure against hijacking them before. The many high-cost initiatives, such as full body scanners, explosive residue detection, and no-fly lists have not resulted in any appreciable improvement in security.)
  • Bloomberg with Economic History