Twitter 24-hour redux

  • A coming disruption in supercomputers? Amazon takes on really big iron.
    (this one has all the hallmarks: Cheap alternative, incumbents showing their best stuff and pointing out all the things the newcomer can’t do. But 30,000 processors at $1250/hour is hard to beat. And the virtual supercomputer is on a falling price curve.)
  • New Teslas might make electric cars competitive with normal
    (300 miles’ range, 30 minute to 50% charge, 4 passengers. This is beginning to look like a car.)
  • The Atlantic has a good outlook for tech in 2012 – not too pie-in-the-sky:
    (maybe a trifle boring, but the future tends to be more of the same.)
  • The more data you produce, the happier organized crime is to consume it #digitaltpersonvern
    (Information stored is information vulnerable. Or as a @forsberg said: The only way to make sure nobody has access to a list is not to make the list.)
  • A lament for nickfromfulham
    (Why doesn’t BBC put their stuff on Youtube? Here is my heartfelt opinion)
  • Dual SIM phones may be next step in BYOD mobile
    (or maybe just a stopgap fix, since connection prices are falling)
  • IT department can become hostage to cloud services
    (Hard to fiddle with someone else’s cloud.)