Homeland Security bars Rodrigo (y Gabriela) Sanchez

This is rather hard to believe, but apparently, the US Homeland Security department has decided that Rodrigo Sanchez, the melodic half of famous guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela, has the same name as someone barred from entering the United States, and therefore barred him from entering the US. Consequently, the couple has had to postpone or cancel a number of shows they were going to have in the US.

Aside from the fact that Rodrigo & Gabriela are world famous and have been on Letterman and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you would think that neither "Rodrigo" nor "Sanchez" are unusual names in Mexico, or for that matter in any Spanish-speaking country.

Hard to believe.

In the meantime, check out this fun interview with music:

2 thoughts on “Homeland Security bars Rodrigo (y Gabriela) Sanchez

  1. Bob Polansky

    Unbelievable?…..well, not when it involves the US gov., this is nothing compared to the scale of illegal activities that are being excercised accross the globe. Illegal kidnapping of EU citizens from their home soil, being brought to countries that incorporate torture as a part of interrogation ( Egypt and Syria for example)Of course this is not news you will get too easily on US soil. So, unbelievable……NO! Just another episode of a paranoid country.

  2. valerieflames

    After resolving some visa issues, Rod y Gab are back in the states! Check out their updated US tour schedule:
    16 Apr – New York, NY Webster Hall
    17 Apr – Boston, – The Roxy (SOLD OUT)
    18 Apr – Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
    20 Apr – Washington DC, National Geographic HQ (SOLD OUT)
    22 Apr – Portland, OR – Berbati’s Pan (SOLD OUT)
    23 Apr – Portland, OR, (SOLD OUT) – Aladdin Theatre
    24 Apr – Seattle, WA – Showbox Theatre
    26 Apr – San Francisco, CA – Grand Ballroom at Regency Center (SOLD OUT)
    27 Apr – Santa Cruz, LA – Catalyst
    29 Apr – Indio, CA – Coachella Festival, (Stage to be confirmed)

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