Fill in the form, ye huddled masses….

Interesting op-ed in FT yesterday, about how the bureaucratic and seemingly unfriendly immigration services in the US is seen as creating problems for industry. Bill Gates has testified before Congress that the best and brightest now have a choice – and that the US needs to grease the skids a bit, so to speak.

Personally, I have found that the best vehicle for rapid entry into the US is to have a 6 month old baby with a US passport and an American flag jump suit. Smiles all around. Too bad she has grown older and less mobile as a ticket in…

As for unfriendliness – yes, the immigration officers can be a hassle, but so they are all over the world (with the possible exception of the UK and Singapore.) But factor in the work environment: Dealing with an endless stream of jet lagged, hypoglycemic, disshevelled and supremely self-important passengers making fun of your sacred forms, and even the most patient mind will start growing spikes just for self-preservation. See it from their side….

1 thought on “Fill in the form, ye huddled masses….

  1. Julie

    Thanks for this article! This is exactly what I’m writing my bachelor thesis about, only using Norway as a case, not the US. Not sure if the brain drain/emigration side of the story will be included. It depends on the available data, as I don’t have a lot of time (or pages). But anyway, thanks for this, and for the cafť-beduin article.

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