A walk around Infosys’ Hyderabad campus

As part of a three-week visit at the Indian School of Business, I saw Infosys‘ campus in Hyderabad last Friday. It is extremely impressive, with park-like surroundings. My friend and colleague Ramiro Montealegre and I met with a group of managers in the Enterprise Solutions practice, as part of a joint research project. We then joined a group of ISB students for a presentation of the Hyderabad operation and a tour around the campus.

The Hyderabad campus houses 8,000 employees (or "infoscions", as Infosys terms them) and last year did export business to the tune of $250m. The campus (which by no means is Infosys’ largest, that is in Bangalore and Mysore) has training facilities with on-campus accomodation for 700 students. There are two large food courts, the obligatory cricket ground, mini-golf and all kinds of recreational facilities for the increasingly hard-to-recruit engineers (though they do receive 1.65 million resumes per year.)

I will let the pictures speak for themselves – it is quite a complex. 

This is Building 14, one of the newest buildings on the campus.

Walking towards the southern center part of the campus. The construction at the other end will be a mirror image of building 14. My friend and colleage Ramiro Montealegre on the left, Nilanjan Chatterjee from Infosys on the right. 

View North towards one of the two food courts (the building with the domed roof.) 

Building 14 and the South foodcourt.

Entrance building 14.

There aren’t many parked cars to see on the campus, courtesy of this parking house. 90% of the employees live within 10km of the campus, and Hyderabad has relatively good roads (in fact, the State government of Andhra Pradesh sees good infrastructure as one of their main attractions for IT companies.) Note the boulders – they are typical rock formations and seen all around Hyderabad, though rapid development is making people concerned.

A view from the court in the ES (Enterprise Solutions) Academy, where new employees are trained, and which can house 700 students on campus.

Another view from the training center.

The South food court. 

Towards the North food court. 

Constant gardening is not just for John le Carré…. 

Water fountain in the northern part of the campus. 

Ramiro being his usual ebullient self.

The blogger on tour.

One of two identical buildings surrounding the water fountain in the northern end of the campus.

Entrance to the recreation center underneath the food court. 

There is a lack of water in Andra Pradesh, so water for gardening is recycled.

There is a nice rock park between the food court and the northern entrance. 

…with its own mini-golf range.

View from the entrance to the food court towards the ES academy, where students are housed. 

Inside the food court (bad picture, but the roof is spectacular.) 

A view across the pool, eastwards from the food court. 

The same view, slightly further north. The buildings in the background are about half of Microsoft’s campus, which I am told is an exact replica of their buildings in Redmond. There is also a large Wipro campus in Hyderabad, as well as many companies in the HITEC City.

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    campus is really good to look at..(in the images) but i’ll confirm it by tomorrow whether campus is really good to look at(in reakity i.e physically)or not.

  2. md shamshad ghani

    ds is md shamshad ghani doing mca from ISIT Hyderabad infosys compamy to much nice ds is just emaging in world i can not explain wt envorment in compas i want also play whit compny i think also wt i can give d company

  3. zeeshan

    Really have no words to say awseome…..
    Well its mah dreams and will overcome some day not fpr me.. but for someone really important in mah life… will conquor Infosys some day.. hope so..


    have no words.great…… my son aroop ganguly is a software eng.in hyd. infosys.i feel proud for him.tears came in my eyes..what agreat campus he is availing?god bless him.

  5. nagendra

    It is very amazing company that i had ever seen in my life.I impress very well about your seminars.And i impress every one of you treats like as your collegus.

  6. Appi reddy


  7. Dev

    hey its gud ,,,but not up to the mark …it can be more better …but don’t worry Im comming …i’ll make it better…

  8. Divya

    The Campus is very nice…
    I like that environment and
    I have a goal to get a job in infosys campus….
    I am doing my level best



  10. jayasrikadiyala

    it was an excellent
    it was very nice environment
    i will visit once
    i got a good experience

  11. Ankit

    Yeah, Infy Hyd campus is good. But, Mysore campus is just unbeatable. I was there for 6 months..Mysor campus has a 4 – screens multiplex, bowling alley and everything you can think of….Currently, I am in Infy Hyd…

  12. K R I S

    Hi all…
    this campus is not the one in HYD. its Special Economic Zone Campus. The earliest campus in HYD is STP. The above images are of SEZ not STP. SEZ is the new and worlds 1st biggest campus ever (450 acrs). This is where i’ve got placed. Thanks to Infosys….
    and I’m proud to be an INFOSCION….

  13. Nivvi

    i hope i’ll b placed in dis centre aftr my training coz “my DESTINY is der in dis campus”- rite nw im a systems engineer trainee @ infosys-Mysore!

  14. Mrs Rajesh Mehta

    Really enchanting. Hope it matches the Mysore campus which I visited a few years back. Now this I got to see.

  15. Shamili

    Hi all…,,,
    Its really awesome.,I have visited the campus and had a great feeling over there.It is such a pleasent place.I just want to add a point to the my comment.Infosys in Hyderabad has a smoke restricted zone in its campus.I like the food court(northern) as I sat there for a lecture for about 6 hrs, and spent around 9 hours there….
    Do visit by getting a job

  16. Ugandhar software engineer

    Very good company ,i would like to join this company.such a huge campus i had ever seen?that is INDIA.

  17. Abdul Bari Quadri

    Infosys pics is really awesome and unbelievable and its a really perfect place to with a peacefull mind.. if i got a job a infosys i’ll never leave this company till the end of my life..

  18. Suvash Dhungana

    I am from nepal i heart that infosis is best for software but i am very happy when i saw the college of infosys and it is great oppurtunity for the computer intrested student
    Thank you infosys to open the college

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