Sears Fine Foods is no more

Now in San Francisco, I had looked forward to eating at Sears Fine Foods on the Powell St. side of Union Square – and then it turns out it is closed! The sign on the outside says “grand reopening Spring 2004” but the outlook is not great. This thing had been around since the 30s. Naugahyde chairs, 1970s carpeting, Formica all around, veteran waitresses in short skirts and trainers, oceans of coffee in thick China mugs, and a heap (18) small pancakes with butter and maple syrup for breakfast. People just don’t seem to appreciate the authentic side of American dining anymore (though, the place has always seemed to do a roaring trade to me).
There is, of course, Lori’s up the street, but that feels more like the set of Grease than the real thing (though the food is good there, and the selection much wider). It seems the owner of Lori’s has bought Sears and will reopen it at some point. Let’s hope so, this healthiness thing has gone too far…..
Update: On the seminar’s final day, I had breakfast at Cafe Mason, on Mason St. between Geary and O’farrell, and my confidence in the Gread American Diner Tradition was restored. Orange juice thick with meat and a really zinging Eggs Benedict. What a relief….