Blogging B2C 2004

From March 24-30, I will be in San Francisco as co-arranger, speaker and discussant in a seminar titled Innovation and eBusiness in Retailing, Banking, and Consumer Service Companies, arranged by my very capable and utterly self-effacing colleague Peder Inge Furseth and yours truly (though I should underscore that Peder Inge does by far most of the work). (Click here for glossy PDF brochure and here for the seminar agenda).
This is the 4th time this seminar is arranged. I participated the last time (in 2002), and am really looking forward to an interesting time with good presenters and discussion, a chance to explore a number of eCommerce-proficient companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and to try to translate what we hear into a Norwegian context. The seminar participants come from a selection of retail, banking and service companies in Norway, all of them directly involved in electronic commerce.
One of my tasks during this week will be to conduct daily debriefing sessions with the participants, exploring what we have heard and seen and what we can learn from it. I will try to do that through this blog, with daily (I hope) posts under the category “Travel reports – SF2004”. I want this to be an excercise in abstraction, learning and blogging with the added bonus of letting participants or anyone else comment and discuss.
To the participants: See you in San Francisco!