MacWorld keynote in Twitter time

You can "listen" in via Twitter at, which now has 10000 subscribers. Talk about creating an fan following.

I am hoping for a Tablet version of the MacBook Pro,  preferably a 15-inch twist screen. That would make me a Mac customer.

Update post keynote: Well, Twitter had som hiccups, but has a good summary. As rumored, a very thin subnotebook, but not tablet, tough it does seem to have some of the iPhone screen controls. We’ll see, I just might go for it. The thinness and lightness seems a big plus.

2 thoughts on “MacWorld keynote in Twitter time

  1. dragos

    If I may, make sure you take into consideration a much shorter product cycle though – in the last 8 years I got three laptop PCs for about 20-24 months (dell/toshiba/sony) and already been considering changing a macbook after less 12 months. And in MB’s cases i know people who didn’t get the 11 months cycle (HD&motherboard failure). And that’s for regular not heavy using – i.e. browsing, movies, mail etc. Beautiful toys, indeed, though. 🙂

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