2 thoughts on “Proximity rules!

  1. Pete Bollini

    Humans are a sociable animal. They like to live in societies with members of their own kind. Proximity makes us feel good, optimistic, competitive. That’s why your graphic is so illustrative. Nevertheless, I think Google is Google, the best company in the world. (In case you’re wondering: I DO NOT work for Google).

  2. Andrew

    Ummm… all this says is that people close to one another talk and then come to similar conclusions about what to invest in. This says nothing about how right they are, and indeed the graphic shows that a majority were wrong, and they were probably also influenced by each other about what to invest in (or not invest in). If you took all the same people and put them further apart, then you might still come up with the same proportion making money and losing money, but the plot would be more bumpy.
    Am I missing something?

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