Testing Windows Live Writer

This is a test of Windows Live Writer, inspired by this review by Om Malik. Installed fine with Movable Type 3.2, we’ll se how things turn out. The idea is that you can write blog entries locally, and then upload them to the blog.

One good side I can see right away – backup. I keep forgetting to back up my blogs. This way, there would be natural duplication. Another good aspect is the interface, though in my experience most programs that are supposed to generate HTML code tend to insert lots og spurious stuff and make the code unreadable and impossible to edit manually.

I suppose what I really want is a sparse and syntactically correct WYSIWYG HTML editor to edit my regular web pages, for instance those that go with courses. With offline page management.

Oh well. Put that in there with the wish for the PIM that makes me effective, not just efficient….