Changing, not ending business travel

Seth Godin thinks new security requirements (no laptop, no hand luggage, no carry-on liquids) will cramp business travel. I don’t think so. All the airlines need to do is install in-seat terminals in business and first class along with in-the-air Internet connections. Throw in some decent food and you have a much lighter and more satisfactory flight.

Goodbye laptop, hello Gmail, Thinkfree and Skype. Looking forward to it. Not to mention reading books and blogs online, rather than buying them at the airport Dan Brown outlet. Yay.

3 thoughts on “Changing, not ending business travel

  1. Espen S. Andersen

    Seeing how locked down public terminals usually are, how are people in this scenario expected to run applications that may be vital to them that is not available on these terminals?
    Maybe storing important programs on USB-sticks would be a viable solution, and these terminals booting from solid-state configurations each time to prevent the inevitable cruft-clogging of Windows machines.

  2. Espen

    Yes, but it would also be in the airlines’ interest to run systems that were as open as possible. After an initial period of tie-downs and charges and so on, I think we can expect open skies in this regard. Airlines just don’t want to be in the systems business.
    He said, hopefully….

  3. Adrian Melrose

    When there is a will, there is a way: next terror alert will be exploding USB sticks! Where do we draw the line? I still think we need to go thin client, terminal service route – so that we can login anywhere to all our personalised data and applications. Soon, we will have WIFI on all flights, unless this becomes yet another security loophole.

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