Now, THIS is what I call characterization…

Paul Kedrosky has been to a Google analyst meeting

Here is today’s Google Analyst Day, the shorter version:

  • We don’t give guidance
  • We are going to insert ads in more of our products
  • We don’t give guidance
  • We are going to do products in more languages
  • We don’t give guidance
  • New products are really cool

As an aside, can anyone out there provide me with personal and direct evidence that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is real? Because the more I see him (he increasingly strikes me as a less spontaneous & convincing Al Gore  — yes, I know that is hard to imagine), the more I think that Larry and Sergey created him from spare parts as a grad-school engineering prank to convince Kleiner and Sequoia that Google had adult leadership.

I’ve met Schmidt. He is very real. On the other hand, I also think that Al Gore occasionally has interesting things to say (with humor, even), which may be one reason I am not a venture capitalist.

Anyway, good to see an original characterization. Now, let’s see how good Schmidt is on repartee.