Upside down world

Interesting idea by Dana Blankenhornhow about Apple buying Sony? Would make an interesting inroad into portable cellphones/MP3 players, and also get them access to a lot of digital music for iTunes. I wonder to what extent there would be institutional obstacles, though. Sony is an old Japanese company and the shares may not be as licquid as a listing on NYSE should indicate.

1 thought on “Upside down world

  1. Dana Blankenhorn

    The Japanese government would be in a lot of trouble if it failed to allow the acquisition of a Japanese company by an American company, after that company itself was built buying American companies (like Columbia Pictures).
    Besides, Sony isn’t a keiretsu, like Mitsubishi. It is, as I indicated, an entrepreneurial company concentrated in a narrow range of industries.
    Thanks for writing about it.

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