Dream desktop getting closer

Once upon a time (in the mid-1980s to be slightly more precise) I expressed a wish for a desktop that would be real and electronic – that is, it would be the size of a real desktop, with a touch-sensitive interface. The idea was to create the paperless office (anyone who has seen my office knows what a pipe dream this is) where only the coffee cup would be “real”.
Now, we seem to be getting a tad bit closer with this beautiful screen from Wacom (via Gizmodo.) Let’s see, if we set about four of these side-by-side….

1 thought on “Dream desktop getting closer

  1. Eirik

    And the price is pretty nice as well – $ 2,500! I’ve used the old-style Wacoms whenever I have complex diagrams and scientific illustrations to do (star maps for my books, for instance), and will probably be on the lookout for a project to justify the expense for this one from now on… ūüėČ

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