Microsoft and geography: Not too bad

The Guardian has a story about how Microsoft has lost money and reputation because their employees don’t know geography (via Techdirt).
In all fairness, I didn’t think these mistakes were that bad. First of all, they have little to do with geography, and more about political history and culture. Secondly, for a company that does as much software as Microsoft, over so many years, this isn’t really that much, and the mistakes not that huge. And with a workforce to draw on that does not know where the Pacific Ocean is (you would in Redmond, or at least in Seattle), it is pretty much a wonder they manage to do anything international at all…..
Not that the Grauniad themselves have that much to brag about….

1 thought on “Microsoft and geography: Not too bad

  1. Eirik

    Easy for you to be forgiving of the Kashmir mistake, not being an Indian and all. ūüėČ I would have loved to have seen the reaction here in Norway if a couple of wrongly coloured pixels had made Finnmark part of Russia, for instance.

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