The wonders of free content

A few years ago, Sarah Kaull, currently at ICEX Corporation, and I wrote a teaching case called Catatech. The copyright statement says that the case can be freely used for teaching purposes, as long as the copyright statement is not removed – a sort of early Creative Commons license.
When “egosurfing” (putting your name into Google to see what comes up, a somewhat disenchanting experience) today, I found that the Uganda Martyrs University has taken the case and turned it into a word processing exercise – which I think is just excellent.
Quite frankly, when I hear academics being protective of their teaching material, I just don’t understand what they are talking about – I think it is great when someone can use my material for something – and frequently I get emails from teachers with ideas and thanks. The Catatech case was translated into Spanish and Portuguese by some teachers who needed them, as have some of the others. And over the years they take on a life of their own. Great fun!