Walking video, again

BI seems to have a thing for walking videos – this time I was roped in to walk from the lecture hall to the entrance at the Fudan School of Management. The video continues with Ragnhild Silkoset from BI, Wang Xiaozu from Fudan, and Jan Ketil Arnulf from BI.

The idea is that we “walk” from Shanghai to Oslo, showcasing the 20 year cooperation between Fudan and BI.

And what you don’t see is that it was over 30 degrees in Shanghai that day, and I was sweating buckets in my wool suit…

2 thoughts on “Walking video, again

  1. Hanno Roberts

    Hilarious to see the students sleeping on the couches in the FDSM entrance hall – can’t be digitized, that one ūüėÄ

    1. Espen Post author

      Yeah – we tried to avoid shooting the students who were sleeping in the main auditorium (did this on the lunch break, obviously), it doesn’t look good if I am teaching to a sparsely populated room of students sleeping or fiddling with their smartphones…

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