Testing blogging from iPhone 5

This post is written using my little Think Outside keyboard and my iPhone 5, via the WordPress app. The app is not very good (it lacks the immediacy of Windows LIve Writer, as well as the WYSIWYG interface). I wanted to buy the BlogPress app, which apparently offers a better experience, including better picture and video integration, but apparently Apple thinks I am in the US and will not let me enter a Norwegian credit card. Just when you thought the world was going global…then it is not (and yes, I have a slight keyboard issue here as well, working on it.)

Anyway, seems this works. Barely. If only there was a blogging extension to Evernote….

2 thoughts on “Testing blogging from iPhone 5

  1. Vaughan Merlyn

    Thanks, Espen for ‘paving the way’ with this little experiment. We all work in different ways, but integration between Evernote (collect ideas), iPhone or Android device (for writing the post) and full-blown WordPress to polish and publish would be nice!

    1. Espen Post author

      Actually, I would love to be able to do all the editing etc. straight in Evernote, then press “Publish” to WordPress. That simple – each of my blogs could have a notebook, and comments etc. should be downloadable as well. So far, Windows Live Writer is the best tool for offline blogging – haven’t found anything that works on a MacBook either.

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