2 thoughts on “Brilliant on Wikipedia, plagiarism and the student-teacher relationship

  1. Lukas S

    Nice cartoon, and it touches upon a specific issue, which I have recently been thinking about. Namely, if a student writes a paper about a specific topic, and then has a similar paper, which demands some identical analysis. Is this student able to to use some of the things he has written previously? I am not talking about core analysis, but for example mentioning the history of a company.

    The problem is that, software would identify it as plagiarism, whereas it refers to the original work of the author.

    Do you have any specific standpoint in this regard?

  2. Espen Post author

    That is called self-plagiarization, and is a bit of a problem when evaluating academics for promotions – many have a great ability to spin out many publications from one piece of research, essentially publishing close to the same paper in many (obscure) journals.

    It is not “illegal” in the sense that real plagiarism is, though. Just considered bad form.

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