How about donating to Wikipedia?

Wikipedia Affiliate ButtonAs the holidays come up, how about making a donation to Wikipedia? The canonical Internet encyclopedia has no other income than donation, and need money for running technical and other costs.

A donation to Wikipedia – no matter how small – ensures that you will still have access to one of the world’s most complete and updated sources of knowledge. It is also a way to support a project which goal is to provide all the world’s knowledge to all the world’s people, in a form and with an interface that permits everyone to use and enhance it.

I am convinced that Wikipedia today is the single most influential collection of knowledge available, and the one that helps the most people, be they pupils, students, knowledge workers or anyone without access to the knowledge and learning infrastructure we in the richer and more liberal parts of the world take for granted. 350 million people go to Wikipedia to find neutral and detailed knowledge about the world we live in. Do your part so that it can be sustained and evolved further!

(Incidentally, it is really simple, as well. Credit cards accepted. Easily)

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