Web sites blocked in China

Currently I am sleepless in a hotel in Shanghai, where I am teaching a four-day module on IT and technology management at the NSM-Fudan MBA program the Fudan University School of Business. I do this about twice a year.

Every time I am here, I try to figure out what websites are blocked by the "great Internet wall". It differs from time to time, and between the hotel and the university. Currently, I cannot get to

  • Youtube (but Google Video is available, can’t show Youtube videos, though)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (but Gmail works fine)
  • Bloglines
  • various blogs, including anything from Blogger.com og Blogspot.com
  • bit.ly and other redirectors/URL shorteners

On the other hand, Wikipedia is available, as are all the big news services. It seems self-publishing is seen as more dangerous than anything hewing to a more traditional process. Or, rather, sites where you can self-publish in Chinese, outside of China.

1 thought on “Web sites blocked in China

  1. Zhenyu

    The official name is “Great (Fire) Wall of China”, that’s actually one of the few IT “innovation” in Chinese IT industry, based on the out-dated IPv4 architecture, the government need a new “disruptive” solution for the upcoming IPv6 world,we will see…

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