Soul food it isn’t

My American experience is complete, I have now eaten (about half of) a fried Twinkie:


Actually, my first Twinkie ever, and I am never ever going to touch one again. Promise.

(And if you want to know what Twinkies contain, here is an experiment to find out.)


2 thoughts on “Soul food it isn’t

  1. Kerry Crompton

    Holy Lord Espen! Take heed of your own pledge man. Don’t eat these things. I had to Wiki it to find out of what they comprise. Unless you wish the bulk of your remaining life to become bulk, i.e. exist south of your belt, don’t eat this monstrosity. The English also have another “life time meal in a moment” … the deep fried Mars Bar. Cardiac arrest on a stick. Keep well. Kerry.

  2. Tony D

    A deep-fried what?!?!?! What sort of Satan worshipping establishment would serve such a monstrosity?

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