As I said after reading his book in in 2005:

In an age of seemingly simpleminded politics and increasingly spin-oriented politicians, it is rather reassuring to know that at least one US senator has the experience of life in the less privileged lane; the perseverance and intellectual capability to analyze deeply entrenched issues and work at resolving them; and the willingness to keep the complex issues complex and […] the simple things simple.

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  1. mimi

    What do you think of “African Press International”, specifically “Chief Editor Korir”, based out of Norway and his blog which seems to try to prevent the Obama presidency?
    Information found online presents him to be a fraud, with accusations of embezzlement. But, he has a following?
    He has been promising his followers damaging documents and tapes for over a month. And, they all blindly believe.
    Do you have an opinion on Sammy Kipterer Korir?
    more info on Korir at the Mountain Sage blog:

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