The Economist on cloud computing

The Economist has a nice feature on corporate IT, mostly about how it is evolving towards cloud computing. Like everything the Econonomist does, it is nicely worded, measuredly opinionated, and contains nothing new to those in the know. But the article is a very good introduction to the current state of at least the technical and market side of corporate IT provisioning, so I mark it for future courses on just that topic. It includes an audio interview with Ludwig Siegeler as well.

1 thought on “The Economist on cloud computing

  1. Guozhiyuan

    Lucky Cloud or Black Cloud?
    It’s very fashion topic although contains nothing new just as Espen pointed out for the article of Economist.
    Now, Here has two hot topic, one is Global Economic Crisis. Another is Microsoft Black Screen Plan. The first one impact is, with the economic crisis strike, more and more companies starting slash their operation cost, in most case, the IT expense will be the first target to cut. So the commercial IT service like outsourcing or so-called cloud computing replace the in-house IT service has be more and more put on the table to be considered.
    Another topic is, Microsoft Black Screen Plan which as a measure to anti pirate caused big controversies. Here, I am unwilling to involve this dispute, but one thing is sure, that, with Microsoft this plan, lots of cloud computing service booming, such like online Office Package Service.
    Of course, Cloud computing will bring the convenience to people with anytime, anywhere and every computer accessibility, but with the dependency of people on it increasingly, Will it become the overwhelming monster? Is it Lucky Cloud or Black Cloud? Who Knows?

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