A Swiss army knife for the traveling techie

As anyone with some technical knowledge is keenly aware of – at the mere hint of some computer familiarity, you are instantly transformed into the local help desk. I frequently am asked to "take a look at" the PC of some neighbor or more or less distant family member. In most cases, it is a question of cleaning up disks and removing viruses and installed programs.

I am not sure if I really want to do this, but loading this little collection of software onto a memory stick seems like a good idea. Except then you get asked to look at even more barnacled computers….

(Via Stephen Downes.)

One thought on “A Swiss army knife for the traveling techie

  1. Egil Andreas Aasheim

    A very good and useful entry – funny as well. It instantly made me laugh, as I recognize the dilemma…
    I mignt even exploit the idea.
    :o) Egil

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