Chrome impressions

I have now run Chrome as my default browser for a grand total of 14 hours – impressions so far:

  • Fast. Much faster than Firefox and IE.
  • Each tab is a separate process. Good statistics page allows you to shut down tabs that generate memory gobbles (a Firefox weakness).
  • The user interface is a little sparse, but you get used to that. Miss some functions from Firefox (how too open a local file, for one.) But just a few.
  • Much more graphically oriented than Firefox – pull tabs out as windows, for instance, and windows into tabs.
  • Works better with Google Docs (no surprise there) – showed some formatting codes not visible in Firefox.
  • Flash works – no more 4 seconds play and then full stop on Youtube.

Verdict so far: I thought I would never replace Firefox, but now I am beginning to wonder. If I am still using it in a week, then it is goodbye to Firefox. (I haven’t started testing plugins yet, then again, I don’t have any plugins that are absolutely critical.

First problem (9/4/8): Could not edit an entry at my course wiki (at – nothing happened when I click "edit".

Second problem (9/6/8): Could not retrieve a certificate from my net bank. Had to start up Firefox again.

Notable comment: Plus ca change: Jim Courtney on why multi-threading is important. (And yes, I used DesqView and QEMM extensively from about 89 to about 94, too.

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