Fry the TyTN

Quoting the incomparable Stephen Fry who just loves the new iPhone:

HTC is a wonderful manufacturer permanently hamstrung by its devices all being Windows Mobile.

Ain’t that the ever-loving truth. I have an HTC TyTN II, which at the outset seemed to be a great little machine, but now it no longer switches screens back and forth between landscape and portrait when you open it; the battery is dying after six months; the touch screen is imprecise and incredibly slow, leading to mouse-aheads and dead ends; I have not been able to connect it to my PC (despite good friends trying to teach me, but when it comes to mobiles I reserve the right to be a moron); the underwhelming synchronization interface has doubled most of my contacts (in the process slowing the whole thing down even more); and worst of all: The Windows Mobile OS, initially quite nice despite its propensity to leave everything running, has acquired more and more barnacles with use and now is just soooo daaarn sloooooooooooow.

Inside this unnecessarily complicated little thingy is a very useful set of soft- and hardware struggling to get out. I just can’t see that most users can be bothered with the digging any more.

What to do? Returning the thing to the local IT department. I need a life. And, if Stephen has any sense at all, an iPhone 3G.

2 thoughts on “Fry the TyTN

  1. Mats :)

    I have some comments 😉
    – Windows Mobile 6.1 is out.
    – Battery runout is not HTC/WM exclusive.
    – Are you running mSuite for synchronization? The one that the IT-Department use? 🙂
    – There is a setting that closes programs when you click the “X”.
    – And yes… did I mention, it is Windows… you should “reinstall” every once in a while 🙂
    And… why not get an iPod with a phone!

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