Seagulls and Pixar

Nemo seagullsThis review (by Michael Hirschhorn) of a new book on Pixar contains the best sentence I read today: "[Intellectual property lawsuits] follow successful entertainment businesses the way seagulls trail fishing boats."

Anyone else remember the "bert, bert, bert"* “mine, mine, mine” seagulls in Finding Nemo? Imagine them with briefcases…..

*see comments…

2 thoughts on “Seagulls and Pixar

  1. Joakim

    To be pedantic, the seagulls are actually saying “Mine, mine, mine”. Imagining THAT with briefcases…
    Another fun-fact about Finding Nemo: all the animals could speak, except from the seagulls that could only say..well.. mine. A storywriter with a bad-seagull-experience?

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