Canon LBP2900: Good personal workhorse printer

While I am on the subject of my technology setup, let me pause briefly to sing the praises of my Canon LBP 2900, a small laser printer which lives unostentatiously next to my home office desk.

It was cheap and  prints lots of pages before the cartridge runs out. I haven’t done the numbers, but it is rated at about 2,000 pages per cartridge. That means four packages of paper, and I am sure I have used much more than that on the first cartridge (since I print primarily text.) It is quiet and more than fast enough for personal printing (shared by about 5 computers, hitched to a workstation). Produces crisp printouts, but can be a bit tricky with envelopes (but I use a different printer for that anyway). The only real drawback is that it can take a while before it warms up and spits out the first page, but once it gets going, it is very quick.

One of those things that you buy and forget about (or, as Jerry used to say, it Just Works). Economical and reliable. Recommended.