Keyboards, again

Yesterday I spent three hours trying to get a long Javascript to work – before I realized that my old keyboard was dropping characters. This is not a problem when you write text (automated, or, for that matter, manual spell checking will take care of it) but subtly introduced misses in source code is a real productivity slowdown.

So, up to the IT department, which obliged with a spare Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 they had lying around – and this post is dedicated to keyboard testing. 

This is going to take some getting used to – the middle hump is much higher than anything else I have tried. It is kind of irritating not to be able to reach the Ctrl key easily (have to lift my ams). But it does encourage a much more upright posture, which I assume is good. No more slouching,  thanks to Redmond.

That being said, I have about 5 different keyboards, and I think the best one is whatever I am using at the moment, until my wrists start to hurt and I will have to switch to a different one.

I like this one, though. For the moment.

Incidentally, if you really are up for a long-winded discussion, ask any technologically interested author about what kind of keyboard he or she is using…..

4 thoughts on “Keyboards, again

  1. Eirik Newth

    > ask any technologically interested author about
    > what kind of keyboard he or she is using…..
    And? Keyboards are important, man! At the moment, I’m experimenting for the first time in years. I bought a Logitech keyboard with a tactile feedback that closely matches the keyboard on my Thinkpad. As I am constantly switching between using the Thinkpad as a laptop and a desktop, the idea is to reduce the time spent on adjusting to the other keyboard. No, it hasn’t really worked out that well, and I’ll probably go for something else next time…

  2. Espen

    Of course keyboards are important!!!! And what I really want is a Norwegian-language, clicky keyboard (buckling spring) with a Trackpoint….. and USB. Don’t know if that is possible, but it sure would be nice!

  3. Espen

    Frustration: I am now getting so much comment spam that my own comments go to “moderate”….
    Question: Eirik, I knew you would comment on this, but it took you over an hour to get the first comment in. Aren’t you following this blog anymore?

  4. ESA

    When it comes to keyboards I’ve become a fan of the new aluminium Apple keyboards, I don’t own any Apple computers but this keyboard requires no effort at all to type, which is a godsend after I spent three months on and off work having RSI problems.

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