I have started fiddling with Adsense ads, in the beginning only on individual postings. This is mostly an experiment (justified by my participation in the iAD project) but I am also curious to see how many people visit this blog (checking traffic figures, I had a spike of 67,000 unique visitors last October, though I have no clue why) and what the practical implications of Adsense really are.

Adsense is funny in the sense that it generates ads based on content – a task which is made difficult by this blog’s apparent eclecticism. My wife has a blog dedicated to quilting and other fabric-oriented art forms, and her ads are relevant and interesting, both to her and others. I write about less specialized themes, and then the ads become rather generic. And, of course, if I should write about degree mills, guess what kind of ads show up.

Oh well, riches will eventually follow, I am sure….