Better believe and be wrong than the opposite…

Stephen Fry (it looks like I will be pointing to every single one of his "blessays" analyzes global warming and basically says we should respond to the climate crisis even if we are not sure about whether it is true. This seems to me to be very much like the old saw about religion, that it is better to be mistakenly religious than mistakenly atheistic.

As for climate credentials, I am sorry to report that I drive an old car. But it is comfortable, and I think that what I pollute in terms of gas is made up for by the fact that I do not contribute to the deteriorating climate by driving up the demand for new cars, which are environmentally costly to produce.

So there.

Of course, there is the possibility that the debate itself is leading to global warming…. 

2 thoughts on “Better believe and be wrong than the opposite…

  1. Julie

    You did read the whole blessay, right? Because he discusses the point about religion (Pascal’s wager).
    So you’ll be linking to all of Fry’s blessays? I was going to do that! We don’t want people who read both of our blogs to get bored. Maybe we should take turns.

  2. Espen

    Oops, guess I missed that paragraph. Oh well.
    Seems I am linking to most of what Fry writes and all of what Gladwell writes. A good thing can’t be linked too often.

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