Corn flakes

Chris Anderson, editor of Wired, has had it with lazy PR hacks sending him all kinds of irrelevant junk and publishes his kill file on his blog for the rest of the world (including spammers) to pick up. Way to go!

The comments are really interesting, from the single-company photographer who finds himself blocked because he trusted a mailinglist company to Kevin Kelly chiming in as former editor of Wired (10 years ago, the spam still coming). I liked the idea of "tost" or perhaps better, "corn flakes" as a term for spam that is sent by literate but inconsiderate PR hacks. Cereal filters cannot be far behind….

(Via Boingboing).

Update: Chris follows up with a mea culpa when it comes to paper-based spam – that is, all those cards that come inside magazines. Not that he promises to stop the practice or anything… I wish The Economist would see the light here – they have gotten rid of the tear-out junk that destroys your copy, but retain that stupid little card that gets thrown out without at much as a glance.