Fry in the morning

A piece of really good news to start the day: Stephen Fry, one of the worlds smarter and funnier specimens and certainly one of my favorite authors, has a blog! One entry so far, on gadgets (that may have cured me of coveting the Nokia E90, but there is that keyboard….), but given his legendary productivity at the keyboard and virtuosity with a sentence, there will be more, and it will be good.

(Via Nat Torkington).

1 thought on “Fry in the morning

  1. Eirik

    Brilliant and funny, as expected, though utterly wrong on the Nokia E61i. Not only is it pleasing to the eye of anyone who owned and cherished a calculator in the 80s, but it is also just works, come rain, shine or snow. Take it from me. Or better yet, take it from my paleontologist buddy, who goes on digs in Spitsbergen and the Gobi, and swears by it.

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