Wheaten Terrier

I have just finished teaching a four-day module on IT management for an executive program in Beijing for the Chinese Olympic Committee (a collaboration between the Norwegian School of Management and the Fudan University).

Anyway, some of the students were very interested in my dog, so here she is, a three year old Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier named Midi:

Wheaten Terrier Midi

8 thoughts on “Wheaten Terrier

  1. Chad

    Can I ask where you were able to find your dog? What it the average price you should pay for an Irish Wheaten Terrier? Great looking dog!

  2. Espen

    I live in Norway, where these dogs are easily obtainable through breeders, normal price around $1500. As for anywhere else, I don’t know.

  3. chad

    Thanks for the quick response. Your dog looks to be around 40 lbs….is this right? It seems like the american soft coat wheaten terrier is smaller. Is the maintenance/grooming a huge deal? Do these dogs have a good demeanor/personality? Are they a water dog? I need to get more info on any differences between US and Irish breeds if any. Seems like there is. Thanks much!
    Cheers and Happy New Year!

  4. Espen

    That’s a lot of questions. Let’s see…
    Midi is around 30lbs (15kg), and more towards the American than the Irish kind of fur (it really is the same kind of dog, just two different fur types.) Don’t think there is any size difference, but the males are bigger than the females. Takes quite a bit of grooming – my wife does this, cutting about once per month and combing ac couple times per week. Wheatens have excellent demeanor – but they also have lots of personality, so you need to be very consequent when dealing with them, or they will take over. As for being a water dog – well, Midi swims, but only if she falls out of the boat or otherwise gets in the water accidentally. But she is not afraid of water.
    Apart from that – I recommend Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheaten_Terrier)

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