Firefox 2.0

Firefox logoFirefox 2.0 has been released and has more than 2 million downloads in 24 hours. Including mine.

The main updates seem to be in more RSS functionality, a tastefully updated UI (including better tabbed browsing), and the ability to restore work sessions. The latter feature is one I will appreciate – when you work researching something and your computer freezes, being able to bring up all the tabs again is reassuring. (Haven’t tested this yet, luckily, but I am sure I will in the not-to-distant future.)

Firefox can sometimes be a memory hog – hopefulle this has been fixed in the new version. 

Seamless install and transition from earlier version, as usual with Mozilla applications. Highly recommended.

Update: Slashdotters (some, at least) think 2.0 inferior to 1.5. So far, I disagree.

2 thoughts on “Firefox 2.0

  1. Henrik Lindstad

    Havent’t tried new Firefox yet, since Opera has had your described (and desired?) functionality for some time already. I went with Opera some years ago after testing both. The ability to restore sessions on computer freeze, or to save it for another time is just excellent – and i use it frequently.

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