Fortune 500 companies using social networking services?

One of my much esteemed colleagues, Keri Pearlson, is looking for examples of Fortune 500 companies using various kinds of social software, from LinkedIn to MySpace to wikis and blogs. Any examples?


4 thoughts on “Fortune 500 companies using social networking services?

  1. pete rogers

    not Fortune 500 in themselves but part of Dresdner/part of Allianz Group is Dresdner Kleinwort – the Investment Bank. They have been innovative with Wiki’s, blogs, social text, collaborative agile development – driven initially by JP Rangaswami, their CIO who has now moved on to British Telecom

  2. Youssef

    I work at Redcats USA (PPR Group) and we do use linkedin to establish networks, stay in touch with former colleagues and also to hire.
    Hope this helps.

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