Reality check

I have lived in the US for six years, have worked for US companies since 1994, have a daughter who is an American citizen, and consider the country my second homeland. Can somebody please explain to me how something as bizarre as this came to be? Most (come to think of it, all) people I know over there consider President Bush somewhat out to lunch, but the proposal to "reinterpret" Article III of the Geneva convention is, quite simply, evil. Not to mention that the President’s articulation of whatever it is he is trying to say leaves a lot to be desired:

This is not the America I know and love. At least a number of US politicians – from both sides – seem to recognize that.

1 thought on “Reality check

  1. Ben Youssef

    I couldn’t agree more. I live the same number of years in the US and consided this country as my second land but still I cannot understand how this person can be the leader of the the “free world”.

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