Get rid of Caps Lock

There is an underground movement forming aiming to rid keyboards of the dratted cAPS lOCK kEY, which, when you accidentally hit it, screws up your typing and occupies valueable real estate on crowded keyboards.

Hear, hear. Move it to Ctrl-Shift or some other multi-key combination. And give me back that large space bar and a key (on a Norwegian keyboard, that is) for @, $ and perhaps €.

Come to think of it, my Das Keyboard has one fewer key than a Logitech keyboard, and when it is set to Norwegian, I have trouble writing HTML code. Now, if I reprogrammed CapLock and ShiftCapLock to "<" and ">", life would be simpler.

Now, how do I do that – there are files for turning CapsLock into Shift and other things. But to a regular character?

I’ll be back….

(Via Engadget and Slashdot.)