Best transatlantic political analysis so far…

From a web page about how to sell things (courtesy of Pick me up):

For two summers, I worked in the UK. My third year I transferred to
the States. It wasn’t a success, but it did teach me something about
the difference between Britain and America.

Americans tend to buy stuff when it makes them feel warm inside.

Brits tend to buy stuff when it makes us feel smart.

I reckon this is why we find George Bush so mystifying.

Via Dragos.

1 thought on “Best transatlantic political analysis so far…

  1. Sheila

    Just because it makes Brits feel smart – doesn’t mean they are smart.
    Let’s de-mystify President George W Bush for ya:
    Americans, and others, like him because he’s a man of his word, he follows through – even when the polls are down. He’s a decent man with good moral values. Believe it or not – that’s what Americans are. Those people in the ‘mainstream media’ and in Hollywood……they do not represent Americans very well. They lie and distort the truth. They try to turn everything, even movies, into a political statement.
    Also, for the record – regarding Tony Blair – most Americans like him.
    Who am I? Just an American born Norwegian with Norwegian born parents – who happened to stumble across your Norwegian site while typing I typed by mistake. So was that smart or what?
    🙂 Sheila

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