Computer science oldies

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Here is the list I chose in ACM‘s voting over favorite computer science classic:

  • Classics in Software Engineering  Yourdon, E.
  • Common Lisp  Steele, G.
  • The Elements of Programming Style  Kernighan, B. W. and Plauger, P. J.
  • Estimating software costs  Jones, T. C.
  • First draft of a report on the EDVAC  Newmann, J. v.
  • Human Problem Solving  Newell, A.
  • Mindstorms  Papert, S.
  • Operating Systems  Madnick, S. E. and Donovan, J. J.
  • Perceptrons (Minsky, I suppose)
  • The REXX language: a practical approach to programming  Cowlishaw, M. F.
  • SIMULA 67 common base language, (Norwegian Computing Center. Publication)  Dahl, O.
  • Sketchpad  Sutherland, I. E.
  • Smalltalk-80: bits of history, words of advice  G. Krasner, Ed.
  • Smalltalk-80: the interactive programming environment  Goldberg, A.
  • Smalltalk-80: the language and its implementation  Goldberg, A. and Robson, D.
  • Software creativity  Glass, R. L.
  • Software psychology  Shneiderman, B.
  • Structured Programming  Dahl, O. J.
  • Systems Programming  Donovan, J. J.
  • Understanding Natural Language  Winograd, T. 

The rules for candidates are pretty peculiar – the book has to be out of print, for example. One book I missed was Winograd, T. and F. Flores (1986). Understanding Computers and Cognition, but perhaps it is still in print. I would also have liked to see Eames, C. and R. Eames (1990). A Computer Perspective, though that is more of a computer history book.  Not to mention a book I know is out of print, namely Montgomery Phister’s (1979) Data Processing Technology and Economics, a great overview of everything you could wish for of economic and technical data on computers from 1955 to 1978, published by Digital.

It seems I will have to confess to a certain managerial bent, as well as shameless promotion of OO and Norwegians…. 

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Ahhh, that felt good. My sincere apologies….

PS: Also Sethi, R. (1989). Programming Languages; Concepts and Constructs. The dragon book. Sorry about that.