Mark “The Economist” Burnell

The Economist has a fawning review of Mark Burnell, which is interesting because it is markedly different from the reader comments on each of his books at vs. Either someone at the Economist really likes this guy, or US readers have greatly different ways of wanting their thrillers. Check out:
The Rhythm Section: US UK
Chameleon: US (“plodding sequel”), UK (The Economist: “Bigger and slicker in every way than his first novel. If you buy no other thriller this holiday season, buy this one.”)
Gemini: US UK
The Third Woman: UK (not yet available in the States).
Only one way to find out, I suppose…..

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    Looking for Mark Burnell’s books

    A recent issue of The Economist contained a glowing review of the latest in a thriller series by Mark Burnell, “The Third Woman.” It also recommended starting at the beginning of the series rather than picking up in the middle, so I heade…

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